Accelerating the Technology Launch for a New Organization

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The Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP), a single point-of-contact for companies as they explore and invest in the Detroit region, was growing and needed to move into its own office space. Launched in 2019 as a carveout from an existing entity, DRP needed a partner to manage the technology transition, as well as design and implement all the systems and applications that would support the new business.


DRP leadership had an accelerated timeline for transition and strategic projects, including applications, network architecture, productivity tools, website, VoIP, and state-of-the-art workstations and conferencing tools.


WHIM’s accelerated implementation model designed and implemented a state-of-the art architecture with automation, security, training and continuous improvement.

  • Accelerated a full office build-out – including work stations, networking, printing, conferencing, and phones – in 1/3 of the standard time.
  • Designed and launched a new website with a rapid 4-week timeline. 
  • Implemented business collaboration software and cybersecurity
  • Implemented a new employee IT self-service portal and onboarding materials.
  • Reduced IT support tickets by 50% within 6 mos of new office launch.  
  • Launched state-of-the-art security training and multi-layered cyber monitoring.
  • Acquired new hardware and infrastructure to support a fully remote collaboration.

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