Architecting a unique NFT experience from concept to launch.

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WHIM was engaged as the leading technical Web3 team to architect a unique NFT experience for a private Retail Summit for the leaders in luxury retail. Our client – a team that has built millions of square feet of commercial and retail space – selected WHIM to support their annual summit – an event designed to explore the latest trends that are redesigning retail and luxury brands.

The goal of this year’s event was to explore trending concepts practically and experientially for retailers and brands – merging physical and digital Web3 concepts, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. WHIM was tasked with leading all aspects of the NFT experience for the event from feasibility to the technical launch of the NFT Collection and NFT Experience Hub at the event.


WHIM was technically strong and delivered a best-in-class experience for our luxury brand customers


The WHIM team was tasked with creating a seamless process from end to end for attendees from concept to launch:


  • Sachse x WHIM Team Discovery Workshops
  • Technical Feasibility Study to Recommend NFT & Crypto Platforms
  • Event Experience Design Workshops (Tech, Planning & Attendee UX)
  • Alignment on Technical Milestones & Status Update Meetings.
  • Sachse NFT Configuration Decisions & General Collection Assets
  • Configure Sachse Crypto Wallet, OpenSea & NFT Collection
  • Attendee Instructions (Apple iOS & Android)
  • Team Review & Quality Testing of the NFT Collection
  • Finalize Onsite Technical Support Process & NFT Experience Hub
  • Final Technical Dress Rehearsal (Dry Run) with Full Event Team Sachse


WHIM seamlessly designed a unique NFT experience that accomplished the budget and experience goals for the event. The following benefits and value were delivered:

  • Identified the most cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and flexible crypto-asset options.
  • Perfected the configuration path to optimize the speed of crypto to marketplace integration.
  • Curated an approachable and fun NFT Experience Hub.
  • Automated all aspects of the Attendee Transfer Process to minimize errors.
  • Led three rounds of user testing across multiple user scenarios to remediate confusion points.
  • Enabled our customers to launch a unique industry-leading experience successfully.
  • Perfected our technical support channels to minimize 95% of traditional user errors.

In summary, we were proud to deliver an NFT experience with a return on experience (ROX) that exceeded all expectations and introduced hundreds of new users to crypto wallets and digital assets (NFTs).

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