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The Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) is the leading athletic club in the country and prides itself on being a foundational part of the business community, as well as a center for excellence in the service and experience industry. In 2018, the DAC embarked upon a digital transformation project to replace failing on-premise applications with the latest cloud technology to support the future experience for members.

TECH STACKS: Content Stack – Headless Content Management System (Node.js & Angular) | iOS & Android App Deployment | Infrastructure as a Service | Legacy System API Integrations | Multi-Tenant Development Environment | Enterprise System Back-end Integration 


WHIM acted in the Transformation Leadership role – directly reporting to the Leadership & the Board of Directors.

  • WHIM completed a wall-to-wall review of the key business & IT processes to identify opportunities for efficiency in the product roadmap.
  • Built business case and ROI model to Leadership supporting the multi-phase capital investment.
  • Designed diverse customer focus groups for research & prototype testing.
  • Optimizing requirements from the process, technology, and data features that would provide long-term value.
  • Designed post-launch operation and technical support model with elevated technical support (Help Desk).


WHIM built and executed the business case and ROI model to drive change:

  • Est. 4,000 features were integrated across 4 platforms (web, mobile & electronic payment apps)
  • Member engagement with new technology increased 400% with over 7,700 users on the web and mobile apps post-launch with a 500% increase in the overall time spent on digital tools.
  • Support systems were able to deliver efficient and fast service to all users who were new to the platform.

This detailed assessment resulted in the design of a multi-million dollar – 3-year implementation plan that would balance the foundational projects that were needed to stabilize, redesign, and enhance the member experience.

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