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Virtual CIO & CXO as a Service

Businesses that are scaling and pivoting are under significant pressure.  In this new environment, digitally savvy businesses are rapidly gaining market share – challenging their competitors to be faster, smarter, and more customer-focused.  The advancement of cloud-based applications and infrastructure is allowing organizations to modernize their systems to drive more automation and reporting capabilities to meet the needs of the customer. 

However, many organizations are struggling with aging systems and the overwhelming task of prioritizing strategic investments to modernize their architecture, automate their processes, and provide more real-time data to enable better business decisions. Winning in the future will require new talent, including engineering teams trained on the latest tools and solutions, data architects who can generate valuable insights to support the business, and teams that know the customer and can address needs across business processes and technology solutions. 

Problems We Help You Solve:

We approach each organization with an understanding that each business has specific goals, whether that be to diversify revenue channels or drive operating efficiencies.

  • Developing a leading-edge technology strategy that is measurable and aligns with your business goals.

  • Delivering technical and industry experience to lead transformation projects and support infrastructure.

  • Providing interim CIO & CXO expertise to support the business goals while long-term resources are being assessed.

  • Enabling efficiency and flexibility with the latest innovation trends and solutions on the market.

  • Accelerating your projects with our rapid development and delivery methodology.

  • Access to state-of-the-art support models with proprietary solutions and monitoring tools.

  • Realize efficiencies with process automation and data-driven strategies.

  • Deliver high-performing and experienced team members to support your technology needs.

WHIM Expertise:

WHIM is a trusted technology partner that works directly with companies to design, implement and support their enterprise.

With a focus on quality and excellence, WHIM works with leading-edge solutions to create efficient and reliable end-to-end processes with the following solutions:

  • Development of IT Strategic Plans based on Leadership Business Goals

  • Assessing the IT & Digital Organizations to Align with the Business Needs

  • Building IT and Product Roadmaps

  • Leading Large Scale Transformations

  • Modernize Infrastructure with Cloud Architecture & Developer Tools

  • Implementing Process Automation to drive back-office efficiency

  • Launch Rapid Delivery Solutions to Meet the Speed of Change for Enterprise and Digital Portfolios

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WHIM has experience working across a number of industries bringing practical solutions to unique customer-centric challenges.