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WHIM CEO Named 2021 MVP Entrepreneur by Corp! Magazine

Original Article: Corp! Magazine, February 2021

Every year, the Corp! Most Valuable Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Millennials awards honor those who, through their careers, community involvement, and passion, have made Michigan a better place to live and work. MVP honors are deserving members of the community who are creating job opportunities, driving economic growth, nurturing community advancements, or leading successful companies.

MichBusiness President and CEO Jennifer Kluge said the organization believes “it’s important to celebrate” the people who are moving Michigan forward. “It’s important to recognize their new ideas, products, and services, all of which make our state’s communities stronger,” Kluge said. “That is the focus of these awards … to truly recognize achievements among a diverse group of professionals in a variety of areas.”

I created WHIM as a place where women and minorities in technology could build impactful careers working on meaningful and challenging projects with our clients. Our mission is to help our client’s to grow more comfortable with the complexity of technology and data – inspire ideas with the simplification of complicated topics – and align our talented team with organizations that are looking for an innovative approaches to real business challenges.”

Lori McColl, WHIM CEO

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