Launching a Build Your Jeans platform and experience for made-to-order manufacturing

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During 2020, Detroit Denim Co. turned a challenge into an opportunity. When the pandemic hit businesses hard, they temporarily transitioned to follow their dreams of production and technology transformation: moving from made-to-stock to custom made-to-order jeans to reduce waste from overproduction.


This project was broken into three phases, with the first phase focused on the following goals: 

  • Redesign the online shopping experience.  Collaborate on a new Shopify structure that would deliver a virtual experience that would support the customer.
  • Develop the Build Your Jean Platform.  Assess the existing build tools and determine the build vs buy process. Capture requirements ….
  • Design the New Virtual Customer Experience.  Assess pain points through the buyer’s journey and implement an intelligence chat, virtual fitting and knowledge base for product information.



Many sites use product configurators that overlay different colors and/or patterns on top of a base image, but the base image doesn’t change size or shape. The Build Your Jeans Tool, however, actually changes size and shape depending on the user’s selections. Instead of different products for each size, body shape, and leg shape, there is essentially one product for the entire product line. Instead of using page navigation and filtering to identify the wanted jeans, the site visitor builds their perfect jeans in the seamless interface on just one product page.

Behind the scenes, the configurator compiles multiple layers for outlines, fills, details, etc. from thousands of individual image files to update the avatar based on the site visitors selections in just a moment. Detroit Denim staff are also able to perform simple updates on the back end, allowing them to frequently launch limited runs without technical support.


The Detroit Denim Build Your Jeans Tool is a one-of-a-kind product configurator.

WHIM designed and built Detroit Denim’s new digital business, including an upgraded, redesigned eCommerce site with integrated, virtual “Build Your Pair” tool, which automatically adjusts the image of your jeans as various options are selected.

Check out for the evolution of the platform.

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