Launching a New Rapid Deployment Model for Dynamic Website Support

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With a near constant stream of new opportunities, services, and resources, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) required frequent website updates, ranging from simple text and image updates to whole new features, microsites, and integrations.

While some features require a full Web Operations (WebOps) cycle – design, development, testing, revision, and release – before publication, many content updates are extremely time-sensitive and require near-immediate releases that can’t wait for a scheduled release date. DEGC needed a flexible process and structure with appropriate safeguards to allow for all change types with minimal risk.


  • Real-time content updates by DEGC team members
  • A framework for rapid and/or scheduled content publication
  • Development and validation workflows for content and new feature launches
  • Robust quality assurance to ensure integrity of the live production site


WHIM implemented best practice WebOps, security, training and design to realize a flexible and responsive rapid deployment system:

  • Multi-tiered environment for development, validation and production
  • Advanced user role and permissions management to ensure that each staff team had appropriate access to tools and content
  • User training to ensure that team members could implement their updates efficiently and effectively
  • User-friendly visual builder and content/design templates for consistent content structure and visual design and minimal effort by team members
  • Scheduled page releases for carefully timed content publication
  • Automated request and communication system for timely delivery of enhancements

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